About us

Moist Towel Services is a manufacturer, distributor and online supplier of a WIDE RANGE of

Moist disposable woven or non-woven, individually packed & custom printed

Refreshing towels made of Terry Cotton, Viscose, Paper (Air-Laid) or patented 3 layer structured paper


disposable custom printed cutlery bags

We also produce Bed sheets & covers, duvets (upon request FR duvets) Towels, Robes, Slippers

Made of finest Cotton, Organic Cotton, Bamboo, Velvet or Satin

With a truly global client base as well as over 9 years of experience,

Moist Towel Services is your one-stop destination for all of your hygienic needs.

Our disposable moist towels are processed by fully automated machines. Each towel is individually wrapped for its hygiene freshness.

All our disposable towels soaked in gentle hypoallergenic, alcohol free cleansing solution with different fragrance's and size's to choose from.

Also available with or without antibacterial ingredients

Our moist Towels have a shelf life of 24 months, if kept under normal room temperature.

Unlike paper tissues, our refreshing towel leaves no residue while or after using.

In the Restaurant Area you will save approximately 4-5 pieces on Napkins per customer and give your Costumers a more hygienic way to clean their hands before or after meal.

In the gambling Areas your costumers will always feel refreshed, and vibrant and enjoy their stay longer without making as many refreshing breaks in-between their fun time.

In this most competitive industry, outstanding service has become an integral component of airline travel & cruises, particularly with new players constantly emerging and expanding. Over recent years, wet towels have proven to be an invaluable and value added product with unlimited application

The qualities of moisture content and tensile strength distinguish our moist towels from others.

It has no harm either to human health or nature; due to its all herbal originate ingredients.

It does not have any negative effect on the respiratory system since the essence of the fragrance is of herbal origin.

In its package it is 100 % hygienic with a high rate of disinfection.

Our products are manufactured according to American National Standard (AAMI) & European (ISO) quality of standards with state-of-the-art technical equipment.

Our goal is to provide wholesale, factory direct prices to customers in need of excellent hygienic services.

Although many large corporations such as:

Four Seasons Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, Mardan Palace Resort, Aqua land - Dolphin land , Rixos Resort, Titanic Resort, Cornelia Golf Course, Corendon Airline, Sky Airline, Sun Express Airline, AF, Mc Donald's etc....

and a wide selection of Food and Restaurants, Healthcare Facilities etc........providing their Customer with customized refreshing towels.

Many customers prefer the price , quality and service offered by the Moist Towel Services interactive live and highly knowledgeable staff of Customer Service representative.

Whether you represent or operate


Casinos                         Sponsored athletic teams              Music Venues

Hotels                           Churches                                    Airplanes

Motels                          Youth group                                Gas Stations

Bed & breakfast             Boys & Girls Scouts                      Hookah Lounges

Beauty Salons               Nursing/Assistant homes               Cruises

Day Spas                      Hospitals/health clinic                   Bars

Golf courses                  Fitness/Health facilities                 Car wash

Country Clubs                Mechanic                                    Fast Food Chains

Schools                         Auto Detailing                             Real-estate Offices

Colleges                     Veterinarian Clinic                          Law Firms

Universities                Restaurants                                   Services



Or any Industry in which moist wipes / refreshing towels are a necessity, then Moist Towel Services is your one stop destination for all your hygienic needs.

Our experience states that businesses that we provide our products to have achieved and increased their customer satisfaction.

No one can beat our direct-from-the-factory wholesale prices!

Trade Customers welcome!

Buy with confidence! You are buying directly from the manufacturer.



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